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Smarter Building Materials Marketing

Zach and Beth tackle your most burning questions about digital marketing for building materials and talk to other industry experts about what’s working in the building product space.







How To Solve Labor Shortage in Building Materials

The harsh reality of the labor shortage is that professionals are overwhelmed and overworked. Product manufacturers have a growing opportunity to help builders and installers, many of whom are learning to install products on the fly. It’s a challenge that all of us in the industry, especially manufacturers, have to overcome.


TikTok Star Tony Piloseno on Being Fired To Building a Brand

He went from being fired for making TikTok videos to being the paint industry’s most viral story to date. This week, we welcome Tony Piloseno to the show to get the inside scoop on how he used social media to share his passion for paint — and find brand success.


Shark Tank Winner Joe Altieri On Building Brands That Disrupt

This week’s episode is an exciting ride in product innovation with Joe Altieri, a window industry professional who went from struggling with sales to winning Shark Tank.


How To Get More User-Generated Photos of Your Building Products

Creating an easy purchasing experience for your customers is a part of guaranteeing building product sales, but for eCommerce sites, that requires imagery. For manufacturers, getting images for your online presence is a challenge, so this week’s guest gave us a surprising strategy you might want to steal.




Zach Williams is the founder of Venveo. Beth PopNikolov is the CEO of Venveo.


We tackle your most burning questions about digital marketing for building material manufacturers, share proven strategies to grow leads and sales, and bring in other industry experts to share what’s working in the building product space.

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Zach Beth
Episode 198

Lessons From 2022: The Five Most Popular Episodes of the Smarter Building Materials Marketing Podcast

It’s that time of the year! In this week’s episode, Zach and Beth take a trip down memory lane to recap their key takeaways from five of the most popular episodes of 2022.

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197 Converting Contractors to Customers
Episode 197

How Building Materials Manufacturers Can Convert Contractors to Customers

Converting contractors — or any audience segment — doesn’t have to be as hard as you think — or so says today’s guest. In this jam-packed episode, our guest explains the importance of imagery, how to convert contractors to customers, how to market to multiple audiences and more.

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194 How to Sell Building Projects and Products More Quickly Banner
Episode 194

How to Sell Building Projects and Products More Quickly

The way we are building homes has changed—and the way that today’s homeowner wants to buy is also changing. Today’s guest breaks down the changes that are happening in the marketplace, building technology and what this means for builders and manufacturers in today’s real estate environment.

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193 Going Virtual Visualizers and the Future of Building Product Samples
Episode 193

Going Virtual: Visualizers and the Future of Building Product Samples

Our podcast guest this week has a front-row seat to the future of building product sales. Beth talked with Josh Ruff from Roomvo about how manufacturers can make the online and in-store sales experience more seamless for customers — but check out the full episode for some predictions about the future of building materials and product samples.

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Zach tradeshow podcast 2 2022 04 15 144740
Episode 170

How To Increase Profits by Owning the Manufacturing and Installation of Products

This week’s episode comes to you from the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI) trade show floor. We wanted to hear from contractors and manufacturers who are dealing with the challenges of today’s industry — so we chatted with someone who’s both and has seen all of it.

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162 How Building Materials Companies Can Reach Hispanic Contractors banner
Episode 162

How Building Materials Companies Can Reach Hispanic Contractors

One of the most common questions we gets from manufacturers is “Should we translate our website into Spanish?" The answer is always a resounding, “Yes!” But for some manufacturers that might feel like a daunting task, so we break down this process with an expert.

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161 What Builders Thought of IBS 2022 Banner
Episode 161

What Builders Thought of IBS 2022

We haven’t covered one of the construction industry’s biggest events in a couple of years, so we were thrilled to report live from this year’s NAHB International Builders’ Show. Beth and Steve attended IBS 2022 in Orlando, and we checked in with them on what’s buzzworthy at this year’s event.

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2022 Building Products Customer Guide
Episode 159

What Pros Want in 2022: Insights From a Building Materials Industry Panel

Every year, Venveo partners with The Farnsworth Group to survey pros, builders, architects and DIYers on how they research, specify and purchase building materials products. This week, we’re sharing insights from the pro panel we held during the 2022 Building Products Customer Guide event.

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