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Smarter Building Materials Marketing

Zach and Beth tackle your most burning questions about digital marketing for building materials and talk to other industry experts about what’s working in the building product space.







How To Solve Labor Shortage in Building Materials

The harsh reality of the labor shortage is that professionals are overwhelmed and overworked. Product manufacturers have a growing opportunity to help builders and installers, many of whom are learning to install products on the fly. It’s a challenge that all of us in the industry, especially manufacturers, have to overcome.


TikTok Star Tony Piloseno on Being Fired To Building a Brand

He went from being fired for making TikTok videos to being the paint industry’s most viral story to date. This week, we welcome Tony Piloseno to the show to get the inside scoop on how he used social media to share his passion for paint — and find brand success.


Shark Tank Winner Joe Altieri On Building Brands That Disrupt

This week’s episode is an exciting ride in product innovation with Joe Altieri, a window industry professional who went from struggling with sales to winning Shark Tank.


How To Get More User-Generated Photos of Your Building Products

Creating an easy purchasing experience for your customers is a part of guaranteeing building product sales, but for eCommerce sites, that requires imagery. For manufacturers, getting images for your online presence is a challenge, so this week’s guest gave us a surprising strategy you might want to steal.




Zach Williams is the founder of Venveo. Beth PopNikolov is the CEO of Venveo.


We tackle your most burning questions about digital marketing for building material manufacturers, share proven strategies to grow leads and sales, and bring in other industry experts to share what’s working in the building product space.

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203 The Winners and Losers of IBS KBIS 2023 Banner
Episode 203

The Winners and Losers of IBS/KBIS 2023

Fresh off the plane home from the 2023 International Builders' Show, Zach, Beth and Steve talk about their initial thoughts and feedback of the event overall. They also name their biggest winners — and losers.

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SBMM 201 Why Building Materials Manufactuers Should Measure by Momentum Banner
Episode 201

Why Building Materials Manufacturers Should Measure for Momentum

Do you know the best way to create a relationship with your audience? In this episode, Zach and Beth talk to their guest about the changes happening in the market, specifically in relation to builders, contractors and other audiences that manufacturers target.

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146 Closing the Gap With Data How Manufacturers Can Capture More Leads
Episode 146

Closing the Gap With Data: How Manufacturers Can Capture More Leads

Data is one of the first things that gets neglected in a busy business. Not everything is a numbers game, but if you’re a manufacturer and aren’t capturing data on your sales and marketing efforts, you’re missing out.

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078 How One Building Products Manufacturer Is Pivoting Their Marketing During COVID Header
Episode 78

How One Building Products Manufacturer Is Pivoting Their Marketing During COVID

How do your message and sales strategy need to change right now to take advantage of the current market we're in? This is a critical question every company in the building product space is asking as we navigate how to do business during COVID-19.

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014 Decision Makers Podcast Banner
Episode 14

How to Get in Front of More Building Materials Decision Makers with Events & Roadshows

Getting your building products in front of decision makers is a lot easier when you take the time to understand their broader challenges and demonstrate how your company can bring them real value.

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07 Banner Tradeshows
Episode 7

3 Data-Driven Winning and Losing Strategies for Building Materials Manufacturers at Trade Shows

Every year, building material companies spend hundred of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on trade shows, but they rarely are able to report on the ROI from these expensive events.

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03 Banner
Episode 3

3 Steps to Generating More Leads Through Your Building Materials Website

Generating more leads through your website starts with understanding why your audience comes to your site in the first place.

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