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Email Marketing Updates: Navigating New Regulations

Hear about the latest changes in email deliverability that are set to impact businesses in a big way. Learn about the new requirements from major email providers and how these changes could affect your marketing and sales initiatives.

April 1st, 2024



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Episode Rundown

02:18 - A rundown on Google and Yahoo’s new email requirements

05:37 - Three authentication methods to set up for successful email delivery

07:54 - How senders can keep their spam threshold below 0.3%

13:21 - Predictions for the future of email security and privacy laws

12:04 - Consequences of non-compliance and how to mitigate those risks

Meet Karin Baker

Karin Baker, Venveo’s Lead Marketing Automation Specialist, is an expert in email marketing, CRM and email platform management. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she provides invaluable insights into the recent changes in email deliverability and the impact on businesses.

New Email Requirements by Google and Yahoo

Google and Yahoo have announced significant changes in email requirements, particularly concerning authentication and subscriber consent. Karin explains that Google and Yahoo's changes are sending ripples across the industry because these providers are among the largest personal email providers. The focus is on senders and who they're sending emails to, emphasizing the importance of consent and the prevention of spam.

One of the big things that's coming into play is being able to make sure that the emails that are being sent from your domain actually come from you." - Karin Baker

Key requirements include authenticating emails with SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, as well as adopting a one-click unsubscribe model. Karin highlights the crucial shift from a relaxed regulatory environment to one where violations will be enforced with consequences, leading to a greater emphasis on compliance.

Previously, you could probably get away with having one or two authentication methods. Now, in order to see the best success of your emails being delivered for these providers, you want to have all three set up." - Karin Baker

Implications for Manufacturers and Businesses

The changes in email requirements hold significant implications for businesses, especially direct-to-customer organizations. Zach dives into the real-world scenario of manufacturers using email sequences post-trade shows and emphasizes the importance of obtaining opt-in consent from recipients to receive communication.

The biggest thing that a lot of email marketing comes down to is opt-in from your users to receive that communication." - Karin Baker

Karin reiterates the significance of honoring opt-out requests and unsubscribes promptly and provides actionable advice on gradually increasing email volumes to maintain deliverability.

In order to keep that spam threshold below 0.3% for each of your email sends you're doing, you want to make sure that the people that are receiving your emails have actually opted in to receive them." - Karin Baker

Karin also mentions that email security and privacy laws are expected to witness increased regulations by email providers, making it harder to breach recipients' inboxes. Karin predicts more stringent measures like those in Canada and stresses that businesses need to closely monitor email reputations.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The episode highlights the potential consequences of non-compliance with the new regulations, emphasizing that businesses failing to adhere to the requirements may experience a significant decline in email deliverability.

Karin highlights the impeding impact on email marketing's cost-effective and broad outreach and recommends the use of online tools monitor email deliverability.

To mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance, manufacturers should connect with their IT teams to ensure the correct setup of authentication records while keeping in mind standard email marketing strategies for best results.

Some of those best email practices — the amount of emails sent, frequency and honoring opt-out requests and unsubscribes in a timely manner — are all going to overall contribute to a very successful email campaign and hopefully a successful email marketing department." - Karin Baker

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