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Marketing to Builders Research & Trends Report

Insights & data on who they are and what they want from building material companies.

Builders marketing report

Marketing in the Building Materials Industry

We surveyed over 100 residential builders throughout the United States and found some pretty clear results as to what they’re looking for from building material manufacturers, how they pick new products and what you can do to better target and convert them through your online efforts.

When reviewing their responses, two significant themes kept showing up:

  • First: Builders view risk of the unknown as the biggest hurdle to overcome when considering switching to a new product.
  • Second: Builders try to use a manufacturer’s website as their primary source of product information, but more often than not, they’re sorely disappointed with what’s available.

The Residential Builders Report highlights how you can sell to builders in a way that speaks directly to their pain points.

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Demographics of residential builders

What they want to see on your website

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