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9 Strategies To Attract More Construction Leads Right Now

Discover the secrets to a thriving construction business with 9 proven lead generation strategies in the digital era

by Zach Williams

In the construction industry, securing a consistent stream of high-quality leads is paramount for success. In today's digital landscape, where potential clients have endless options, mastering lead generation is vital.

This blog delves into the various techniques construction companies and contractors can employ to generate leads effectively. From search engine Optimization (SEO) to paid advertising, social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, email marketing, video marketing and networking at trade shows, we'll explore each strategy in detail, providing valuable insights and examples.

Moreover, we'll emphasize the importance of measuring the efficiency of these strategies to make informed decisions and allocate resources wisely.

1. Leverage Lead Generation Sites

An overlooked but powerful lead generation tool is creating a profile on lead generation sites. Lead generation sites are websites and platforms where business owners can post their business and services and be connected with in-market leads.

Here are the top 15 lead generation sites for construction contractors:

1. Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile (GBP) can help potential leads find your business online via Google Search and Google Maps.

Google is the largest search engine on the internet, boasting 92% of all global internet searches. When you create a GBP for your construction or contracting business, you’re setting your business up for success.

A claimed and optimized GBP is free to set up and expertly positions your construction or contractor business to capture leads from Google searches.

2. Angie’s List

Angie’s List connects your construction or contractor business with more than six million households. It’s free to create a profile and acquire leads. Angie’s List also offers paid advertising opportunities.

3. Yelp

In 2022, Yelp received more than 60 million unique visitors each month on desktop. Setting your construction business up on Yelp gives it exposure to a highly engaged and vast audience.

Yelp is free to join and your business can start generating leads immediately. You can also advertise your construction business on Yelp to increase your company’s visibility to potential leads.

4. Houzz

Houzz is the go-to lead generation site for construction businesses and contractors that work in the residential sector. You can build a profile for free on Houzz or pay a monthly fee for a Houzz Pro+ profile.

The Houzz Pro+ subscription improves your profile’s rankings in relevant searches and directories. Houzz also offers paid advertising opportunities.

5. Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for business is Bing’s version of Google’s GBP. Like GBP, Bing Places is free to set up and generate leads with.

If your business already has a GBP, you can easily import your GBP details to Bing Places. When users search on Bing for services and products that your construction business offers, they can find your company and interact with it on its Bing Place profile and become your newest lead.

6. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is a paid lead generation website. To set up a profile on HomeAdvisor, you’ll need to pay an annual subscription fee and pay for every lead generated.

While HomeAdvisor is a paid service, it offers access to over five million unique visitors per month and is a well-established brand within the lead generation website space.

7. Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite offers your construction or contractor business free access to the world’s largest social media network. Via the Meta Business Suite, you can create a business profile, post valuable content and advertise, all in one place.

Meta offers some of the most advanced ad targeting options of lead generation sites, making it a powerful platform for construction contractors of all types.

8. Porch

Similar to Houzz, Porch is a lead generation platform for contractors specializing in home services. However, Porch does offer some unique features. For one, your construction or contracting business can pick-and-choose which leads you pursue versus paying for every lead that contacts your business.

9. BuildZoom

BuildZoom is a top lead generation platform for construction contractors. With BuildZoom, you only pay for a lead when your business gets hired by that lead.

BuildZoom also acts as a mediator between you and leads so that you can schedule appointments and follow up on invoices.

10. Bark

In 2023, Bark saw over four million site visits. Bark operates on a paid business model. While you can sign-up for Bark for free, you must use their paid credit system to contact leads.

Bark has a more hands-on process of finding leads for you than other lead generation sites. Bark compiles leads’ project details, submits them to you and lets you choose whether or not to send a proposal.

Though Bark is a paid platform, you never pay for a lead that you don’t think will turn out for your business.

11. Thumbtack

When you use Thumbtack, your construction or contact company pays when a lead contacts your business. Refund options are available for certain circumstances.

Your business can also post advertisements on Thumbtack to improve your profile’s visibility and number of inbound leads.

12. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is an expert at connecting leads with businesses same-day. If your construction or contactor business has a handyman or small repairs department, Task Rabbit is the perfect platform to find leads.

Because of the short sales cycle available on Task Rabbit, make sure your employees are able to respond to requests right away.

13. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is more localized and community-centric than the other lead generation platforms and websites. The platform connects local businesses and patrons with the goal of creating lasting connections and repeat business.

14. ProReferral

ProReferral is a program by The Home Depot. It’s a free service that connects Home Depot customers with their preferred referral partners (your business).

Listing your construction or contractor company with The Home Depot’s ProReferral program gives your business access to The Home Depot’s extensive reach and customer base and established brand.

Leads from this service may be more qualified and knowledgeable than leads from other lead generation websites since they are already connected to a larger business within the industry.

15. Handy

Handy is one of the best lead generation platforms for individuals looking for home services help. Similar to Task Rabbit, Handy specializes in connecting individuals with contractors who can handle smaller, inconsistent household tasks.

Handy also has an entire section dedicated to home remodeling projects; perfect for construction contractors looking for more leads.

If you’re just getting started with your lead generation strategy, use these lead generation companies to get traction.

However, nothing can replace digital marketing methods. By using the following methods alongside lead generation websites, your construction or contractor business will be able to get ahead of your competition.

SEO Marketing

2. Improve SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving your website's visibility on search engines like Google. By optimizing your online presence, you can attract more organic traffic and potential leads.

How to Generate High-Quality Leads with SEO

  • Conduct keyword research to identify relevant and high-converting keywords specific to the construction and contractor industry to add to your site’s copy.

  • Create valuable, informative and engaging content that caters to your target audience's needs and questions.

  • Optimize your website's technical aspects, including site speed, mobile-friendliness and user experience.

  • Build high-quality backlinks from authoritative construction websites.

  • Monitor and analyze your website's performance using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.

Common Mistakes When Construction Companies Do SEO

  • Choosing low-converting keywords that don't resonate with potential clients.

  • Targeting the wrong audience, such as focusing on residential clients when your specialty is commercial construction.

  • Lack of focus by not optimizing specific landing pages for various services offered.

Local SEO and organic SEO are powerful, affordable tools that can get your business found and chosen online.

To learn more about using SEO to generate high-quality leads for your construction business, read our guide SEO for Construction Companies: How to Get High-Quality Traffic From Google.

3. Use Most Effective Paid Advertising Platforms for Construction

Paid advertising is a tried and true lead generation method that works for almost any business. There are several different platforms available for running advertising campaigns.

  • Google Ads: Target potential clients actively searching for construction services.

  • YouTube Ads: Create engaging video content to showcase your expertise.

  • Social Media Advertising: Utilize platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn for highly targeted ads.

Conducting market research and building an ideal client persona can help you determine which platform will offer your construction or contractor company the most ROI.

How to Measure Paid Advertising ROI

Routine measurement and analysis of your construction company’s paid ad campaigns is crucial for maximizing your lead generation budget and finding quality leads.

  • Track conversions: Set up conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your ads.

  • Analyze click-through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC).

  • Calculate return on investment (ROI) by comparing ad spend to revenue generated.

Image 4 construction lead generation

4. Re-Think Your Approach to Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In recent years, social media has changed from primarily a brand awareness tool to a powerful lead generation tool. In order to capitalize on social media marketing your business should regularly make posts like:

  • Sharing project updates, behind-the-scenes content and construction milestones.

  • Engaging with the community through Q&A sessions and informative posts.

  • Collaborating with industry influencers and leveraging their reach.

Good SMM vs. Bad SMM

Not all SMM strategies are effective. When drafting a strategy, remember:

  • Good SMM involves consistent, authentic and informative content.

  • Bad SMM includes over-promotion, spammy tactics and neglecting audience engagement.

Evenly incorporate entertainment, information and promotion in your business’s SMM. Entertainment and information posts offer free value to your audience and build trust and a connection with your brand.

Promotion posts are important for lead generation, but can easily become overwhelming or spammy if they are the bulk of your construction or contractor company’s posts.

5. Generate Construction Leads Using Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital to your business’s growth. An excellent content marketing strategy can boost your business’s search engine result ranking, build trust with your ideal clients and position your business as a reputable authority in the construction industry.

A comprehensive content marketing strategy will include:

  • Informative blog posts, e-books and guides that address common construction challenges.

  • Showcasing your expertise through case studies and project spotlights.

  • Utilizing video content, infographics and webinars to engage your audience.

Deciding Which Content Performs Best for Construction Lead Generation

As you begin content marketing, you may notice some kinds of content outperform others. In general, these kinds of content work well for the construction industry:

  • In-depth guides on construction processes and best practices.

  • Customer success stories and testimonials.

  • Educational videos on construction techniques and trends.

Remember to keep these pieces promotion-free as much as possible. A CTA at the end is acceptable, but the point is to offer free value to keep your ideal customers coming back and ultimately choosing you for their needs.

Where to Publish and Promote Your Content

You can publish your construction and contractor content in multiple places. A few ideas are:

  • Your website's blog section.

  • Guest posting on industry-related websites.

  • Promote content through email newsletters and social media.

Repurpose content and optimize pieces for different platforms for maximum ROI.

6. Scale-Up Email Marketing To Generate High-Quality Construction Leads

Your construction company’s email lists are invaluable resources. At any time, your business has the opportunity to offer value and create connections with your contacts.

Here are a few ideas of how to use email marketing as a lead generation strategy:

  • Send personalized newsletters with project updates and valuable insights.

  • Create drip email campaigns to nurture leads over time.

  • Offer exclusive promotions or discounts to subscribers.

Similar to your SMM strategies, keep promotion to a minimum. When your contacts feel they get genuine value from your construction business consistently, the promotion emails and sales tactics will be more lucrative since your contacts already have trust built with your company.

7. Create Video Content That Generates Leads vs. Just Views

Video content is an important element in any content marketing or lead generation strategy.

While video content can be resource-heavy with professional equipment, filming days, scriptwriting…etc., it doesn’t have to be. Phone footage works well and can be posted on social media, YouTube, in emails or on your construction company’s website.

Here are a few things to think about when creating video marketing strategy:

  • Identify common questions and pain points in the construction industry and address them in your videos.

  • Use storytelling techniques to engage viewers emotionally.

  • Include clear calls to action (CTAs) in your videos, directing viewers to contact your company or subscribe to your channel.

If you post your video content on social media platforms, make sure to adhere to each platform’s best practices related to video length, vertical orientation, trending audio and trending hashtags.

For more out-of-box video marketing insights, check our podcast episode How One Manufacturer Uses Video Marketing To Increase Awareness & Leads!

8. Network Properly for Lead Generation in 2023-2024

In recent years, networking has become increasingly virtual. Some may fear that the lack of in-person connection could sour the quality of relationships and connections formed. This is not the case.

Virtual connections are quality and offer new opportunities which were once limited in in-person events. Your construction business’s lead pool is greater due to enhanced virtual accessibility and you have the chance to run demos immediately upon connecting without scheduling a follow up if the lead is interested.

In this day and age, it’s important to:

  • Embrace virtual trade shows and online networking events.

  • Leverage social media to connect with industry professionals.

  • Attend hybrid events that offer both in-person and virtual options.

Here are two of the biggest construction spaces/forums/conferences in 2023-2024 (US/Global):

The Construction Super Conference (CSC) attracts top professionals from the U.S. construction sector.

9. Measure the Efficiency of Your Lead Generation Strategies

No digital marketing or lead generation strategy is complete without a performance feedback loop. Here are some things to measure when analyzing your strategies:

  • Effective budget allocation: Identifying which strategies yield the best results allows you to allocate resources efficiently.

  • Scalability: Focus on scaling up successful channels and optimizing underperforming ones.

  • Utilize tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and email marketing platforms to track key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Analyze conversion rates, click-through rates, return on investment, and customer acquisition cost.

Ideally, your lead generation campaign KPIs were established before they started running. If you found your methods missed the mark, or you discovered new KPIs, take those lessons into consideration when creating your next campaign.

Start Generating More Construction Leads Today

In the highly competitive construction industry, mastering lead generation strategies is the key to success. By combining the power of SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing and strategic networking, construction companies can consistently generate high-quality leads.

Remember, the construction and contractor landscape is ever-evolving, so staying informed about the latest trends and technologies is crucial. Continuously measure and adapt your strategies to ensure your construction business thrives.

To learn more about how Venveo can help your building materials business generate quality leads, contact us today.