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Growing With the Industry: Leadership Changes at Venveo

If you didn’t already know, the Smarter Building Materials Marketing podcast is produced by Venveo, the digital marketing agency that our host Zach Williams founded almost 15 years ago. This week’s episode is about changes at Venveo and in the industry, and our excitement about what’s ahead.

November 23rd, 2021



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More About This Episode

The Smarter Building Materials Marketing podcast helps industry professionals find better ways to grow leads, sales and outperform the competition. It’s designed to give insights on how to create a results-driven digital marketing strategy for companies of any size.

Venveo has worked with building materials manufacturers and suppliers for more than a decade, and during this time, the industry has undergone huge changes. Beth and Zach talk about how Venveo is preparing for the growth ahead, with a few exciting updates

Dad Jokes + Company Growth

“I started Venveo in 2007, which was a great year for building products,” jokes Zach. Since 2007, Zach has grown the company from a handful of dedicated employees to a team of 60 digital creatives, analysts and strategists.

For the last eight years, Beth PopNikolov has been a huge support for Venveo as head of digital strategy (and still laughs at Zach’s dad jokes).

“And so as we've grown, it's been really cool to see how we, as an organization, have been positioned and grown in the industry, as well as the value we bring in the industry,” says Zach. To add even more value to the building materials industry, Venveo needs to grow in a slightly new direction.

We’re excited to announce that Beth will be taking over as CEO of Venveo on December 1, 2021. For Zach, it feels like the right time to level up and invest in Venveo’s future as Chairman and Founder. “But you might be wondering, ‘Okay, that's exciting. What does this mean?’” Zach points out.

(Don’t worry, the podcast isn’t going anywhere.)

As CEO of Venveo, Beth will be heading up the transition, supporting the efforts already underway as a result of Zach’s leadership. “I really believe in her vision for our organization, and how we're going to help our clients and help the industry and companies in our space continue to grow,” says Zach.

Beth is thrilled to lead Venveo towards this growth. “I hope for people who listen to the podcast, you've gotten to see a little bit into … our culture, and how we handle and treat people, and what we believe in and what we're investing our time in,” says Beth.

Growing With Digital in the Construction Industry

“We get the pleasure of working with incredible clients,” says Beth.“Being a digitally-focused agency in this exact moment is incredible. Because we're seeing the vision that we've been preaching for years … and we're getting people proactively coming to us and having really incredible conversations at the events where we teach.”

Beth and Zach have led several digital marketing workshops and events for building materials manufacturers over the last several years, to help companies navigate building their business online.

Beth has also helped to guide the direction Venveo is headed, especially when it comes to marketing analytics, monitoring and reporting.

“It's one thing to go, ‘Hey, we're growing traffic or we're growing leads or we're improving a website or we're improving social media,’ in some capacity. Like those are things that are tangible,” explains Zach. Venveo helps clients make decisions about their business by capturing that data, then providing insight on that data for clients.

“To not only improve the ROI, but track and bring analytics and data to our clients in a way that's unique — that ultimately helps them make better decisions, and grow their business in unique ways,” says Zach.

Venveo will also continue to offer the construction community actionable resources like marketing guides, reporting and other tools to further support anyone trying to market their business in today’s construction industry.

Adding More Impact to Building Materials Marketing

So what prompted the decision for Venveo?

“I keep saying this … the canvas that we can paint on and the opportunity we have to help is much bigger than what I think most people understand,” says Zach. “That's really the impetus behind this decision is we see that there's more opportunity to help the organizations we work with grow.”

In this last year, the pandemic played a significant role in how most brands ran their business. It became even more important to have an online presence — and that forced many building materials companies to ramp up their digital marketing efforts. That’s kept Venveo busy, of course, and has forced our team to grow in some big ways.

Beth is excited to spend more time getting her hands dirty and picking apart the problems the industry has grappled with. “A significant portion of what we do is conversations with contractors, conversations with builders, big to small and everywhere in between,” she explains. Those conversations are built to answer some important questions for building materials companies: how the industry has changed, how companies are doing business and how they’re staying in business.

“The really fun thing about building materials is that it's essentially endless. Like you think you've solved something and then you get there and then you have that conversation again with someone else. And they're like, ‘Well, that wouldn't work for me. And let me tell you why,’” says Beth.

“So there's no end to what we can spend time on and think about and brainstorm and solve.”

Want Even More Insight?

Venveo has stayed busy this year since more building materials brands want to build a successful online presence and stay ahead of industry shifts and trends. And we’re excited to see Beth in her new role.

We can’t wait to share more with our listeners and followers in the months ahead!

Want to send Beth a congratulatory email? Get in touch at [email protected].

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