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Episode 242 A Serial Entrepreneur’s Success: Benefits of Selling Experience Over Products

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Success: Benefits of Selling Experience Over Products

Explore how a leader in the building materials industry revolutionized service and product development, and learn how prioritizing client experience over volume can transform your business success and brand reputation.

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by Zach Williams and Beth PopNikolov

Episode Rundown

00:48 - Jason’s background and journey to developing Syzygy Global

05:50 - How a mindset can be the difference between success and failure

07:22 - The benefits of prioritizing on relationship building, not product selling

09:55 - How focusing on client experience could set brands apart in today’s market

12:19 - Why credibility is essential for marketing success

15:26 - Goals for utilizing AI and having it improve internal processes

Meet Jason Herring

Jason Herring has a diverse background as a serial entrepreneur, which has equipped him with a wealth of experiences that allow him to excel in various industries. From his initial journey into software development to his current role as the CEO and Founding Partner at Syzygy Global, Jason has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation and client-centric ventures.

His commitment to excellence and value-driven approach have propelled Syzygy to become a global leader in commercial arena design and manufacturing, catering to high-profile clients such as celebrity homes and renowned establishments.

Elevating Innovation and Product Development

Jason's entrepreneurial journey began with a focus on software development and technology. Right after college, Jason moved to London and helped create software for real estate offices and construction companies that analyzed the data for job costing.

The software could quantify and qualify all the building materials needed for a project, helping eliminate a lot of overpricing, theft and material waste on these jobs. By the end of the first year, this software helped save around $2.7 million for Jason’s mentor.

In 2007, Jason returned to America. Jason’s father works in the hotel and country club industry, and Jason saw a need for software for bridging other softwares in that industry to help create a consistent, positive experience for guests.

Transitioning from the software world, Jason ventured into the development of clean air technology for coal plants, where he eventually gained recognition as a leading expert in the field.

This diverse background led him to discover a passion for the pergola industry, where he embraced the challenge of taking a louvered roofing system to the commercial market, driving traffic to the hospitality industry and globalizing the product.

Syzygy is the design company that takes that pergola product from start to finish. From design, manufacturing, engineering, permitting and more, Syzygy became a global leader in the commercial arena, catering to prestigious clients such as Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, with Tom Brady's Miami home being the latest project in the pipeline.

Reaching Business Success

When it comes to the product side of the business, Jason loves having technology, capital raising and the building industry all under one umbrella.

We're constantly innovating, we're constantly building and we're constantly using technology.” - Jason Herring

Jason also credits his mindset to helping Syzygy reach success. While he isn’t trying to be the first person to create a product, he is aiming to be the best. With Syzygy, they took an already invented product and worked to take it to a whole new level.

We don't even consider competition. We're our own competitor.” - Jason Herring

Syzygy’s Unique Approach to Marketing and Sales

Jason describes the distinctive approach employed by Syzygy, focusing on building relationships and creating value rather than selling the product directly. By fostering trust and engagement, Syzygy has achieved a remarkable 52% of its business through word of mouth, underscoring the power of exceptional client relationships.

Jason and Zach both emphasize how nurturing client relationships and fostering partnerships is crucial in this industry and the world of business overall.

Like I teach my salespeople, and I teach anyone coming into this industry — the best closing you could ever have is a closing where you never talked about a product.” - Jason Herring

In a competitive marketplace where many businesses prioritize profits over service quality, Jason places significant emphasis on catering to client needs. Syzygy’s commitment to providing exemplary service has propelled them to remarkable success. By focusing on delivering an unparalleled client journey and making its vision a reality, Syzygy has set a new standard in the industry.

The Importance of Bringing Value to Clients

When looking at today’s market, Jason dives into the topic of service in the industry and the lack of focus on the client experience. There is a shift towards prioritizing profits over customer needs.

Jason emphasized the importance of providing a high level of service and value to clients, even if it means being more expensive than competitors. When you’re able to establish an emotional connection and learn how to sell value, customers are willing to pay more because you’ve developed a deeper relationship with them.

Jason also highlights how establishing credibility and leveraging branding reinforces trust with clients. By showcasing notable projects and endorsements, businesses can convey their expertise and reliability, paving the way for substantial growth and expanded opportunities.

No one's buying because you have 18 million viewers or you have celebrity endorsements. Why I think those things are very important is because they show credibility, and credibility is what I seek from those data points.” - Jason Herring

Goals for 2024 and Beyond

When looking at future goals for Syzygy, Jason mentions that they aren’t trying to have an extra 50 projects a year, but rather have very decent projects with good margins — this will help give client experience even more enhancement while doubling their revenue streams.

Jason also highlights the strategic focus on leveraging AI for internal processes, emphasizing the significant advancements and benefits it can bring to business operations. He specifically mentions how AI has the potential to revolutionize the time-consuming process of permitting applications.

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If you have questions for Jason or want to learn more about Syzygy, visit Syzygy’s website or contact them on Instagram.

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