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Email + Marketing Automation

Create easy wins by segmenting your audiences and automating your email marketing campaigns

  • 40%
    of both DIYers and professionals prefer email communication

Build a Community

Marketing automation delivers a clear message in a sustainable way

Craft a marketing automation strategy with targeted messaging for each lead in your sales pipeline. After a thorough cleansing of your database, you'll be ready to implement multiple drip campaigns designed for segmented audiences.

Not only do the results produce a more accelerated pipeline, they also scale lead generation and improve your marketing ROI. Start executing full lifecycle campaigns for a truly robust marketing strategy that captures and converts leads in all stages of their journey.

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Create Personalized Communication

Personalizing your content for specific audiences increases conversions and builds brand loyalty. Your lead generation strategy should be segmented across platforms, including your website, email campaigns and online ads. We also help launch other tools that facilitate better brand interactions, like chatbots and mobile messengers. These features get more leads to opt-in to your email communications so they can start receiving promotions, surveys, event information and newsletters tailored to their needs.

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Automate Your Processes

Don't make things harder than they need to be. Automate your marketing campaigns and integrate your CRM so you're accurately segmenting your leads. A seamless automation strategy leads to incredible results that include both customer acquisition AND retention.

37% of professionals use YouTube for information related to their jobs

Source: 2022 Building Product Customer Guide
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Consumers see up to 700 marketing messages a day.

Stand out from the crowd by delivering content that's actually relevant to each individual. Otherwise, your email is headed straight to the trash bin!

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