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How Vine Helped Lowe's Dominate Facebook [Infographic]

Lowe's is a Social Media trailblazer in the home improvement industry. In this infographic we show how they used a brand new social media channel to win users across multiple platforms, including Facebook which hosts their target demographic.

by Zach Williams

What could you possibly communicate to your audience in a 6 second video? It seems like such a small amount of time. How could you speak fast enough to tell them about how great your product is in such a small window? You can't.

Lowe's didn't just join Vine to find one more way to tell people how great their brand is. They took control of their Content Marketing Strategy by bringing their consumer useful information they actually wanted to see, which is of course the ultimate goal. Their #LowesFixInSix Vines posts offered useful household tips in six seconds or less using stop-motion photography.

Their creative approach to normal home fixes resulted in over 53,333 hours worth of views in 2014. I'd call that a winning social media strategy.

We've tracked their usage of Vine videos on Vine, Twitter and Facebook and have found that user engagement with Vine videos is actually far higher on Facebook than it is on Vine. One reason for the increased engagement on Facebook is the average user age, 24-36, is right in the target audience demographic for DIYers who want to know what Lowe's is doing.

Lowes social media infographic

Lowe's used a new channel, Vine, with a much lower average user age, 13 - 19, to win over their target audience on a completely different social media channel. They took a risk, and reaped a big reward: They've flipped their content marketing from pushing information at consumers to being a valued resource consumers want to hear from.

The consistent success of Lowe's Social Media campaigns should serve as a reminder to us all that the true goal of any Content Marketing Strategy is to become a brand consumers want to hear from. By moving away from traditional sales pitches and instead offering valuable content that educates consumers without asking for anything in return, Lowe's has proven that marketing is no longer about who has the best ads or even who has the best products. It's about who has the best content and who can consistently deliver content that consumer want to read and share. When a consumer becomes loyal to your blog they also become loyal to your brand.

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