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5 Strategies to Increase Your Brand’s Awareness with Houzz

Houzz is moving from just a holding site for consumer home improvement ideas into a powerful marketing tool. In this blog post, we review some of the best ways to market your brand on the popular Home Improvement app, Houzz.

by Beth PopNikolov

Houzz has given hope to website builders and app creators everywhere. In just 4 short years, Houzz has taken their living-room based idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar business with over 15 million active users.

With the resounding success of Houzz, and their most recent release of Houzz Pro+ (for the professionals in the design and home improvement business), everyone is talking about how to get in on the action.

Below we've listed a few of the quickest ways to get in, get noticed and get sales using Houzz as your marketing tool.

Houzz, ... is taking over as the go-to network for homeowners, decorators, contractors and other like-minded professionals. - Kayla Varcoe, Director of Social Strategy, Blue Wheel Media

Make your page a go-to reference for ideas and inspiration of all types. Build a strong portfolio, and update it often, so your followers will want to come back to your page again and again to see what you have to offer.

Try to make Houzz part of the weekly routine. Part of your marketing team should be updating your profile with pictures and projects each week so your followers stay interested and are constantly seeing your brand in their feed.

Other options for your profile and idea boards include:

  • Create idea boards to solve common problems that highlight products from your brand. Here are some examples: Storage space in apartments, deck decor, optimizing closet space, keeping kid toys organized.
  • Create idea boards for the latest trends before they become mainstream. That way you'll have a fully-stocked idea board when consumers come looking for it in a month or so.

If you want more information about what your profile should look like, Lisa Hausman, VP Marketingat Houzz presents some interesting information in this video about the 2013 Houzz survey, including clever marketing ideas.

Don't just post picture-perfect completed rooms and projects. Post a DIY project from start to finish offering tips, tricks and issues you experienced along the way.

Posting projects step-by-step will encourage your followers to try the projects themselves. Your goal is not just to show consumers what can be done with your products. You want to inspire them to try it, and you want them to feel successful at the end of their project.

Repurposed and up-cycled DIY projects are a huge hit amongst DIYers right now. Inspire consumers to use your products in new and creative ways by showcasing unique uses.

If your brand sells decking or flooring, have an idea board with projects consumers can make with leftover decking materials.

You could also post tutorials on how to turn old doors into headboards, coffee cans into lamps or light bulbs into terrariums.

Encourage consumers to post their own out-of-the-box ideas to get them in on the conversation too.

The discussion boards on Houzz get lots of action. Getting in on “design dilemma" conversations is a great way to bring added attention to your brand.

But don't just wait for someone to post something interesting, get the conversation started yourself. Bring extra attention to your brand by having your name listed as the conversation starter.

If your brand already has a following, people will be extra inclined to comment. But if you don't have a strong following yet, this is a great way to give your brand exposure and peak consumer interest.

70% of comments and questions posted to brands online go unanswered. Set your brand apart by staffing knowledgable people who can respond to comments and posts online in a timely manner.

Just be sure interested consumers will find a profile stocked with photos when they go to your page to find out more about you.

Online reviews are one of the most important parts of online marketing. Users have come to heavily depend on feedback from their fellow consumers. A positive review can prompt a potential buyer to make an immediate purchase, while a negative review can immediately turn them off and lead them right into your competitor's arms.

Contact loyal customers and ask them to post a review to your profile page. You can also reach out to other professionals for an endorsement or review on your site. If you do this, be sure to return the favor.

Houzz has grown exponentially since its launch a few years ago, and is quickly emerging onto the social media scene.

Houzz is working hard to encourage interaction between its users, which means your brand has the opportunity to be in the middle of this growing conversation.

Keep fresh, up-to-date material on your page, and make sure you have some one or several people on your staff ready to respond to consumer questions.

Houzz is the perfect way to get noticed by consumers and to get them to look to you first for their home improvement needs.

What experiences have you had with your brand on Houzz? If you don't use it now, do you think you will in the future?