Our purpose and people.

We are a team of strategists, designers and developers built to help you reach your business objectives

At the end of the day, it’s about the people. We understand how important growth and results are which is why we approach every client as if the Venveo team becomes a part of their team. We become just as committed to their goals as they are.

Milestones & Achievements

Milestones from our story
  • First full-time employee Hired

  • Featured in the Wall Street Journal

  • Opened up our office in Europe

  • Won a Webby

  • Painted our Walls with Whiteboard paint (finally!)

  • Won a National Addy


Our Team

Our people make us who we are
  • Zach Williams

    Founder and Creative Director

    Zach is our Commander and Chief. He's our head honcho. He's the man with the plan. He's ... you get the idea. Zach started Venveo in 2007 to help companies bring their vision to life and share it with the world. His enthusiasm is infectious. If you're not excited about digital anything, talk to Zach. He will get you totally pumped. He is completely unflappable in the face of client presentations, networking events and intense debates over design. In fact, the only thing that makes Zach sweat is everything on the Scoville Scale hotter than a green bean. Guy can't do spicy. But he can do pretty much anything else.

    Zach Williams Founder and Creative Director
  • Beth Pop Nikolov

    Content Strategist

    Beth is Venveo's resident Content Strategist and guru of all things grammar. Beth loves words, writing and has some pretty strong opinions about the Oxford Comma. If she's not jamming out to Weird Al's Word Crimes, she's probably cooking up some fancy morsels in her kitchen. Beth is a total foodie, but she's the type of foodie that still gets down with cheese fries dipped in ranch. She also has a Maltese that she's a little too obsessed with, so if you've got an hour to spare, you should ask her about him some time.

    Beth Pop Nikolov Content Strategist
  • Joe Davidson

    Digital Project Manager

    Joe's journey to becoming a well rounded digital project manager began with a background in motivational speaking and navigating through the complex obstacles of public education as a middle school and high school special-ed teacher. Joe is an eternal optimist. He will believe in you and for you against all odds no matter how high your goals are. He'll even come up with a plan to get you there and keep everyone on track along the way. And if that doesn't work, he's got lots of yoyo tricks he could bust out that will at least lighten the mood.

    Joe Davidson Digital Project Manager
  • Michael Martin


    Michael is our go to design guy. He does everything for us from assisting with responsive web projects on the fly to the occasional video shoot. Zach and Crystal spotted Michael's talent for design when he was just an intern. Zach took him under his wing and he's turned out to be a great designer. We also constantly hit Michael up for his photography skills. He has an incredible eye and a unique talent for editing. Seriously, you've got to see this guys Instagram.

    Michael Martin Designer
  • Angie Miller

    Client Engagement Manager

    We like to stay in touch with our clients even after our initial project work is complete, and there's no one better suited for that job than Angie. Angie has a background in Service Level Management where she developed and maintained service agreements with her clients. Now, she manages our retainer clients and our post-project relationships. She's a whiz at juggling a million tasks at once and you've never seen someone take better notes in meetings than she does. To prove her mutli-tasking abilities, Angie and her husband partake in a myriad of hipster-living activities including bee keeping, hiking, DIYing some killer knick knacks and producing the worlds cutest kids.

    Angie Miller Client Engagement Manager
  • Jason McCallister

    Lead Developer

    Jason has spent over 12 years as a professional IT. The odds are, if you have ever broke it - he’s most likely fixed it! He started his career with the Government and then moved to the Enterprise world before he finally found his home at Venveo. Jason is a huge advocate of the open source and local development community. He actively participates and speaks at local PHP meet ups. He loves to self-educate and research new emerging technologies and solutions. Jason may be a developer by nature, but he’s really a teacher at heart. If you ever have a question about something technical - Jason is eager to explain it to you.

    Jason McCallister Lead Developer
  • Kim Bonner

    SEO Manager

    Originally a graphic designer, Kim found that she was most interested in how design and data work together. Her mantra is "Give data a face" because she enjoys gathering information and connecting it with people and ideas. When she's not wrangling data (or writing about it), Kim is painting or making daily sketches to post on Instagram.

    Kim Bonner SEO Manager
  • Carlo Laitano

    Lead Designer / Front-End Developer

    Carlo is our graphic design aficionado at Venveo. He’s the guy that will take your dream and spin into a pixel perfect image, but he doesn’t stop there. He also has a natural skill for taking those designs and meticulously crafting them for the front-end (we almost framed his SASS code, no joking). When he’s not pushing pixels, he spends his free time playing bass or reading any book he can get his hands on!

    Carlo Laitano Lead Designer / Front-End Developer

What our clients think

Some testimonials of our results

“They really got it... Their interactive tool has driven more traffic.”

— Fiberon Decking

“Venveo listened… Constantly driving for the best results possible.”

— GreenFiber Insulation