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Make decisions based on real-time data, not a gut feeling

  • 39%
    increase in marketing results by using five or more analytics tools

Discover Your Competitive Advantage

Market Research & Competitive Analysis to Drive Decisions

Undergoing in-depth market research and competitive analysis allows your brand to hone in on what makes you unique in the eyes of your ideal customer.

The process also informs strategic market segmentation to customize your communication and content. This drives better outcomes and creates better forecasting capabilities.

Drive Sales with Customer Data

Drive Sales With Customer Data

Your website and email campaigns are a treasure trove of information about your leads and customers. Uncover the themes and trends relevant to your brand, then create a sales strategy that connects all the pieces together. Understanding your audience is one of the best ways to deliver the solutions they're already looking for online.

Segment Your Audiences

Segment Your Audiences

Personalization is key when it comes to converting leads to sales. Tracking and interpreting customer data allows you to present the right product to the right audience, especially when you serve more than one demographic. A differentiated marketing analysis allows you to separate yourself from other brands by better identifying the needs of each customer segment. It's also easy to track customer trends and preferences to improve ROI.

DIYers are buying between 70%–80% of their products in-store

Source: 2022 Building Products Customer Guide
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Approximately 90% of pros and DIYers report being satisfied with new brand purchases

That means you have a huge opportunity to win loyal customers - if you convince them to make the switch to your brand. Investing in a smart research and analytics strategy gives you the chance to create a lasting customer base.

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