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Mythics now gets over


more leads through their new responsive website

NASSP saw a


increase in mobile traffic after launching their new responsive website

R&K saw a


increase in organic traffic with the launch of their new website

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Mythics is an Oracle systems integrator and consulting firm and relies heavily on their website to support their sales team during the sales process, as well as, to bring in web leads. Through various A/B tests, we were able to isolate some problem areas with the current site and gain valuable insights into how site users were interacting with the website. This lead to the decision to redesign the site responsively.

After redesigning their website responsively Mythics saw

  • 82.93% increase in leads
  • 144.66% increase in goal conversion for the contact form

NASSP is the National Association of Secondary School Principals that hosts and runs the only professional development event devoted to bringing together a national network of expertise and resources to inspire principals. Venveo redesigned the conference website responsively to encourage users to take advantage of website's event planner web app during the conference so attendees could build their conference schedule ahead of time and then access it during the conference. This change to the website was a hit! The conference had a 367% increase in mobile traffic after the responsive website was launched and 80% of conference attendees used the event planner app on the website.

R&K Solutions delivers professional services and software to support clients in achieving business and mission goals through improved facilities portfolio management services and products. R&K Solutions works in an industry that struggles with information overload from competitors all saying the same thing. Our goal was to develop a clear message that would elevate their brand above that noise and create a visual identity strong enough to make it stick. We were able to translate the strengths that have made R&K a trusted resource for facilities portfolio management in the government sector and translate it to the corporate market, and their new website brought an increase of 13.2% organic traffic to their site. The site design, architecture and user paths were all built on a foundation of deep research into primary and secondary audiences and a comprehensive competitive analysis.