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CCS saw


site views to their content driven microsite

GreenFiber had over


Youtube views on their product promo video

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GreenFiber, a building materials company that manufactures an eco-friendly home insulation product, needed a way to reach the homeowner - the end user.

They wanted a way to speak directly to the homeowner that was facing the choice of their product or the big name competitor. We suggested this video. GreenFiber loved it, and homeowners did too! It got over 100,000 views on Youtube.

In an effort to increase leads for CCS, Inc, Venveo suggested we launch a microsite around "The End of XP" - Microsoft ending support for systems running Windows XP. We launched this campaign to promote awareness of the end of XP support, a problem many potential CCS customers would face, and to offer expert advice and resources to CCS target audience as a way to position the CCS brand as an industry expert. The goal was to use the content on the microsite to draw users to the microsite and to operate as an avenue for lead generation for CCS. The microsite housed an ebook, video, infographic and web content.

The microsite resulted in

  • over 13,000 site views
  • Over 6,800 video views (that means over 50% of people have viewed a tutorial video on the site!)
  • over 500 ebook downloads
  • 4.4% contact form conversion rate