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DIYers & Homeowners

Inspire DIYers

Influence the digital narrative so you can direct homeowners to your solution.

Tap Into the DIY Market
DIYers are willing to pay for value and quality
More homeowners than ever are tackling DIY projects instead of outsourcing
The vast majority of DIYers start project research online
Online research happens at home and in-store
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DIYers Are Looking For You

Appeal to homeowners with a cohesive online presence that showcases your value.

The vast majority of DIYers find project inspiration online. They are most likely to research on YouTube and Pinterest. But they're also looking at third-party websites like home improvement stores and other online retailers. Stay on top of product descriptions, photos and other details to increase conversions across platforms.

Homeowners also trust social media influencers and are more likely to purchase a building materials product that they've seen on a blog or social media persona they follow. Connecting with the right influencers can get more eyes on your product. You can also repost user generated content to showcase your product in action.

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