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Convert Builders

Stand out by asserting your industry authority across multiple online platforms.

Develop Builder Relationships
Understand your builder audience
Demonstrate the product in action
Showcase customer success stories
Make information easy to find
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Get Builder Buy-in

Demonstrate product results by communicating real-life data

Builders are willing to switch to new products as long as they're properly incentivized to make the switch. Your online content should assure builders that your product truly works as claimed. Integrate data, results and testimonials into your digital marketing to build confidence and win them over early.

How-to content, especially installation videos, are extremely popular among builders. A multi-platform approach demonstrates exactly why your product is the best. Demonstrate your company's industry expertise on multiple channels in order to get the biggest reach. Also spotlight user generated content that showcases your product in use at a jobsite.

Differentiation and a track record of results are the key to getting builders to make the switch to your brand. And just like everyone else, they're spending more time online than ever before. Investing in the right content increases brand awareness and conversion rates.

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